School Uniforms

School Uniforms at SJE

The purpose of the dress code at SJE is to provide an atmosphere conducive to learning and to assist in the maintenance of discipline. The dress code reflects the school’s mission to support and develop in students a sense of self-respect and integrity while also preparing them for the wider world of work and service. SJE students, through their appearance, represent the school and the moral religious principles on which the school stands.

SJE currently uses FLYNN O’HARA as the exclusive provider of our uniform needs.  Please reference code MD253. Flynn O’Hara’s closest location is in the North Plaza Shopping Center at 8868 Waltham Woods Road, Parkville, Maryland 21234. They do have a website available for ordering; it is suggested that you visit the store the first time ordering due to sizing differences. 

  • Summer Uniform – Worn September through October 31 and April 15 through June *Please note, MS Girls tend to wear the kilt year round.
  • Winter Uniform – Worn November 1 through April 15. *Please note for girls, the jumper and the kilt are acceptable year round. 
  • Gym Uniform – Worn on scheduled gym days and “Bonus” gym days for middle school
  • Preschoolers are not required to wear the school uniform; instead, they wear navy blue pants for boys and navy blue pants, skirts or jumpers for girls with white knit “polo” shirts or turtle necks (shirts should be tucked into bottoms) and any shoe with a non-slip sole.
  • Used Uniforms – Because SJE is a Green School we believe in reducing, reusing and repurposing so there is an annual uniform sale during the summer, where gently used uniforms are available for purchase. While there is a formal sale, families are welcome to check out the contents of the uniform closet at any time.