Faculty & Staff

It's the ministry of Catholic educators to embody the faith in everything they do. They model and teach children how to form a personal relationship with Jesus and build a foundation for lifelong learning and discipleship. Meet our talented and dedicated faculty and staff!


Mrs. Christine Blake
Mrs. Mary Theresa Petrides School Secretary mtpetrides@StJohnSchoolLGV.org
Mrs. Eileen Phelps Advancement Director ephelps@StJohnSchoolLGV.org
Mrs. Judith Gardner Technology/Media Specialist jgardner@StJohnSchoolLGV.org


Mrs. Renee Banashak
PreK 3
Mr. Christian Bentley Physical Education cbentley@StJohnSchoolLGV.org
Mrs. Jessica Boyle Middle School jboyle@StJohnSchoolLGV.org
Mrs. Kristen Brown Kindergarten


Ms. Rachel Bressler Kindergarten Assistant rbressler@StJohnSchoolLGV.org
Ms. Alexis DeLorenzo 5th Grade adelorenzo@StJohnSchoolLGV.org
Mrs. Marilyn Donohue Language Arts Grades 1-5 mdonohue@StJohnSchoolLGV.org
Kathleen Russo-Garcia 

Counselor kgarcia@StJohnSchoolLGV.org
Mrs. Maureen Jones Middle School mjones1@StJohnSchoolLGV.org
Mrs. Sara Macek 4th Grade smacek@StJohnSchoolLGV.org
Ms. Mairead McAllister 2nd Grade mmcallister@StJohnSchoolLGV.org
Mrs. Jennifer Patterson Spanish jpatterson@StJohnSchoolLGV.org
Mrs. Kathleen Phillips Preschool Assistant kphillips@StJohnSchoolLGV.org
Mrs. Julia Schmidt Middle School Science jschmidt@StJohnSchoolLGV.org
Mrs. Suzanne Thomas Middle School sthomas@StJohnSchoolLGV.org
Ms. Rachel Wisniewski Art rwisniewski@StJohnSchoolLGV.org
Ms. Amber Wolff 1st Grade awolff@StJohnSchoolLGV.org
Mrs. Karen Zaiko PreK 4 kzaiko@StJohnSchoolLGV.org
Mrs. Teresa Zankowitz 3rd Grade tzankowitz@StJohnSchoolLGV.org

Mrs. Kathy Zoppo Math Grades 1-5 kzoppo@StJohnSchoolLGV.org
Mr. Nick Zurowski Music nzurowski@StJohnSchoolLGV.org

Support Staff

Ms. Dawn Mikelskas
Mrs. Sue Sibol SAT Coordinator ssibol@StJohnSchoolLGV.org
Christine Thompson After Care Director  aftercare@StJohnSchoolLGV.org