Faculty & Staff

It's the ministry of Catholic educators to embody the faith in everything they do. They model and teach children how to form a personal relationship with Jesus and build a foundation for lifelong learning and discipleship. Meet our talented and dedicated faculty and staff!


Mrs. Christine Blake
Mrs. Mary Beth Bressler Business Manager/VIRTUS Administrator mbressler@StJohnSchoolLGV.org
Mrs. Judith Gardner Technology/Media Specialist jgardner@StJohnSchoolLGV.org
Mrs. Mary Theresa Petrides School Secretary mtpetrides@StJohnSchoolLGV.org
Mrs. Eileen Phelps Advancement/Admissions Director ephelps@StJohnSchoolLGV.org
Ms. Suzanne Thomas Assistant Principal/ ELA/Religion sthomas@StJohnSchoolLGV.org


Mrs. Lorena AyestasSpanish Grades K-4layestas@StJohnSchoolLGV.org
Mr. Christian Bentley
Technology/Physical Educationcbentley@StJohnSchoolLGV.org
Mrs. Kristen Brown Kindergarten kbrown@StJohnSchoolLGV.org
Mrs. Madeline Coleman 3rd Grade mcoleman@StJohnSchoolLGV.org
Mrs. Meli Hartsoe PreK 3 mhartsoe@StJohnSchoolLGV.org
Mrs. Kerry Loraditch Middle School Math kloraditch@StJohnSchoolLGV.org
Ms. Mairead McAllister 2nd Grade mmcallister@StJohnSchoolLGV.org
Mrs. Julia Schmidt Middle School Science/ELA/Religion jschmidt@StJohnSchoolLGV.org
Ms. Maggie Schmidt Music/Art/Middle School Social Studies mschmidt@StJohnSchoolLGV.org
Ms. Jessica Smythe 4th Gradejsmythe@StJohnSchoolLGV.org
Mrs. Alexis Steele  5th Gradeasteele@StJohnSchoolLGV.org
Mr. Zach Tuck Spanish Grades 5-8 /Middle School Social Studiesztuck@StJohnSchoolLGV.org
Ms. Beth Varanko 1st Gradebvaranko@StJohnSchoolLGV.org
Mr. Cory Wildasin Middle School Math/Social Studies/Science cwildasin@StJohnSchoolLGV.org
Ms. Amber Wolff Reading Specialist awolff@StJohnSchoolLGV.org
Mrs. Karen Zaiko PreK 4 kzaiko@StJohnSchoolLGV.org
Mrs. Kathy Zoppo Math Grades 1-5 kzoppo@StJohnSchoolLGV.org

Support Staff

Mrs. Meg Hight  After Care Director/
PreK 3 Assistant
Ms. Dawn Mikelskas Nurse dmikelskas@StJohnSchoolLGV.org
Mrs. Kathleen Phillips  PreK 4 Assistant  kphillips@StJohnSchoolLGV.org
Mrs. Nicole Rabinowitz Counselor nrabinowitz@stjohnschoollgv.org

Mrs. Christie Tuck
Kindergarten Assistant ctuck@StJohnSchoolLGV.org
Ms. Teresa Zankowitz  SAT Coordinator  tzankowitz@StJohnSchoolLGV.org