Grand Reunion: April 9, 2022

It's official! St. John the Evangelist School, Long Green Valley (AKA Hydes!) will be celebrating 75 years of continuous operation during the parish's bicentennial year. With the date set, we are in the preliminary planning stages. Our first and most important task is to track down an estimated 1,320 grads!!! (approximately 20 alums from each class from 1948 to 2014.)

Missing Alumni

We sure could use your help!
As much or as little as you can spare!

TASK #1: The school's digitized records from 2002 forward are pretty good but we are ISO class lists from all prior years. Would you have an old class list? Or a class photo that would help you create a class list? 

TASK #2: The school has a file cabinet full of paper student records -- filed alphabetically, not by graduation year, and all with addresses of parents, not students, most of which are probably former addresses! and they're not digitized! Yikes!

We are ISO contact information (full name (plus maiden name for women), address, phone and email) for your class. Do you have sleuthing skills? Looking for a constructive hobby to keep you busy during the pandemic? A great place to start is to complete your contact info here and send the school office that same info on your brothers, sisters, cousins and friends who attended SJE.

Welcome Home! 

Remember the good 'ole days when life was simpler and you were surrounded by your siblings going to school? And then you'd get to see your friends again on Sundays at Mass? Remember the uniforms, the sisters, your favorite teacher, and your mom volunteering for playground duty or class trips? Remember all those people who worked so hard to ensure your growing years were filled with faith and a great education? Remember your classmates? Some of whom are still your friends! 

Share Your News!

We are looking for news to post right here (see sidebar at right) and for our #AlumniMonday posts on Facebook. Please email Eileen Phelps, Advancement Director, what you are doing professionally, how your family is growing, interesting hobbies you're pursuing, etc. Do tell! 

Update Your Alumni Info Here

Please update your current contact information. We welcome your submission of up-to-date contact information on your siblings, cousins and friends as well.

Contact Eileen Phelps, Advancement Director, if you are interested in:

  • attending alumni event
  • helping to plan alumni event
  • gathering contact information on alumni from your class

Alumni Association?

St. John the Evangelist School is eager to form an Alumni Association. The first step to an Association is contact information for our 75 years of graduating classes. We welcome you to provide names, addresses, phone and email information on yourself, your brothers, sisters, cousins and friends who attended SJE as well as those classmates with whom you are still in touch. (Can anyone say Facebook?)