Vinyl Record Sale: Saturday, November 10, 2018

For the benefit of the children at St. John the Evangelist School, the School and HASA (Home and School Association) is holding a ONE DAY ONLY Vinyl Record Sale on Saturday, November 10, 2018 from 9 AM to 5PM in the Knights of Columbus Hall, (white building next to the school) at 13311 Long Green Pike Hydes, MD 21082. The School has received donations, from friends and parishioners, of over 6,000 original owner, vinyl LPs.   Most are in near mint condition!  Admission from 9-5 is free. 

We also have several turntables for sale.  These have all been checked out and adjusted thanks to the generosity of Just Audio, 7907 Harford Rd Parkville, MD 21234.


Email School Board Member, Jim Zeller at with any questions.   


Welcome to the St John the Evangelist School benefit vinyl record sale blog.  As you can see from the album covers, the school has received very diverse and high quality record donations ranging from the 1957 Muddy Waters album, to the Beatles T 2047 first album, about 1,500 classical albums, and the lovely jazz sounds of Miles Davis.  Several thousand record donations have come from the personal collections of parishioners, neighbors, friends, and family members. 

The vast majority of the vinyl is in near mint condition with some records looking like they have never been played.  There will be no records rated below very good plus.  All of the higher priced albums have been played front and back on a high end sound system to insure the ratings.

About 450 of the albums were donated by a fellow board member and represent a comprehensive selection of sounds from rock and roll, blues, blue grass, classic rock, and jazz.  The Muddy Waters album comes from this collection and it is hard to believe that a record over 60 years old can sound so clear and clean.



This is likely the final update.....over the weekend, the 45 collection more than doubled in size and now we have close to 400 45s.  The recent donation was of particular high quality as I played several of the late 50s and early 60s rock and roll records and was amazed with the sound and lack of any background noise.  Del Shannon, Ricky Nelson, The Platters, Jan and Dean, The Doors, lots of Beatles (in color covers), The Zombies, Chad and Jeremy, Peter and Gordon.  Most of these will go for $1 with some at $2 and $3 and the colored covers at $5 and above.  And there will be a 2 for a buck box!


We also tripled our Bluegrass collection with the addition of records from the following labels..Rounder, Rebel, Gusto,Old Homestead,King Bluegrass, Starday, MCA, Canaan, and Nashville Bluegrass.  The records were in near mint condition with many still in shrink.  Some of the records looked un-played.  Several of the records were autographed; The Wilson Brothers, Jack Lynch, Little Roy Lewis, The Lewis Family, and The Osbourne Brothers.  We have over 30 records from the Stanley Brothers as well as Larry Sparks, Charlie Moore, Reno and Smiley as well as the groups mentioned above....and we have a record from a group with the name "The Dry Branch Fire Squad".....what a name for a Bluegrass group!

And yes we added many more in Jazz, Rock, and Soul...all high quality records...and yet another thanks to all who have donated to this worthy cause!  See you on the 10th!


Just received some more goodies.....some nice American folk all in near mint condition...Serendipity Singers,Carolyn Hester,The Seekers,Buffy Sainte-Marie, The Highwaymen,GlennYarbrough, and Judy Collins (hard to recognize her with a blonde pixie haircut).  Many of these albums were published by Tradition Records including the Yarbrough album and Bowling Green sung by Irene and Ellen Kossoy.  We also have an interesting crossover between country and mountain folk; The Baldknobbers Live & In Color (produced by American Artists Custom Records).

In addition to the American Folk, this particular donation included some very interesting Spanish Folk from many countries including Peru, Argentina, Spain, the Caribbean, and Mexico.  The roots of the music come from Spain, South America and Africa with the introduction of percussion instruments from the Congo as well as native South American instruments.  These records will be categorized as Latin influence and will be grouped with the Latin Jazz records.  There should be around 200 records in this category.


Just Audio provided a great turn around time on the turntables and wow do they look in great shape.  The turntables were disassembled, cleaned, lubed, and balanced.  The Hitachi received a new drive belt, the Sony got a new cartridge and and a wire replaced in the tone arm, and the Fisher just got the normal tune up.  All were tested for operational functionality and are good to go!  The only turntable that could not be"saved" was an old Dual 1212 which was laid to rest for spare parts....but thanks to Just Audio, they replaced the Dual with the donation of another fully operational turntable!  Can't say enough about the professional operation at Just Audio...... they have lots of good old audio equipment (that they don't make any more)....and they know how to fix and maintain a wide variety of audio equipment.

I also received some guidance from Just Audio on the quality and value of the "tuned up" turntables.

The Hitachi HT-12 is a step up and considered a better turntable with increased functionality and will be priced at $100.

The Sony PS-454 is more of a mid-range turntable with a higher quality tone arm and cartridge and will be priced at $125.

The Fisher MT-6310 is a higher end turntable with a curved tone arm and a higher quality detachable cartridge.  This will sell for $175.

I also checked on-line pricing, like Ebay, to make sure that these prices would be competitive and on average they appear to be 10% to 20% below market....and some of those on-line turntables are sold as-is.  

So check out these great value turntables at the sale!


When you think things can't get any better, you find yet another new friend.  In this case, it is Just Audio, an audio repair business that is checking out and tuning up the turntables that have been donated to the sale.  As soon as the turntables are returned, we will post all information, including pricing.  Check out their website  Thanks to Holly and the staff!


Thanks to my favorite brother-in-law for his recent donation of over 120 records in near mint condition. Great copies of CSNY Deja vu, ELO, Out of the Blue; The River, Bruce Springsteen; Marshall Tucker Band, Fleetwood Mac, Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, Weather Report, Legend, the best of Bob Marley; Robert Palmer, Donovan, The Eagles, Best of the Doobies, the jazz of Spyrogyra, a box set of the collected works of Simon and Garfunkel.....and for all you "Parrot Heads".... lots of Jimmy Buffett.

As with many of the donations, the collections have been very diverse in terms of genre and era.  There will be something for every collector.....the seasoned collector looking to add a near mint piece to an already extensive collection....the collector who recently caught the vinyl bug and is in the process of building their collection.....and the novice collector who is dipping his/her toe into the water and trying to get samples of some of the best groups as well as some of the lesser known albums.  There is something for everyone with high quality vinyl at reasonable prices.

AND..... a big "Thank You" to Amelia, from 98 Rock, for doing some PSAs for the event!


Received an inquiry from someone asking about 45's...and I realized that I have not covered this area.  While the majority of the collection is centered around the LP, we have received some well cared for 45's; The Beatles (I Saw Her Standing There/I want To Hold Your Hand), Yesterday/Act Naturally...the Stones (Get Off My Cloud) and (Satisfaction)...and Elvis (Hard Headed Woman),(All Shook Up), (Suspicious Minds), (Big Hunk Of Love), (One Night) and (The Wonder Of You).  Also have some interesting Capitol Compact Double 33 records that were developed for Jukebox use: Louis Prima and Keely Smith, Peggy Lee, Dean Martin, Kay Starr, and Tennessee Ernie Ford...all look like they have never been played!

And we recently received a collection of shellac records in near mint condition....Porgy and Bess, An American In Paris, an original soundtrack from Disney's Snow White, and several others.  Most of the shellac records that we have received have shown their wear and may be in bargain bins... but this collection is notable given the condition of the binders and the records themselves.  The records are generally in 3-5 record sets contained in binders, some with beautifully designed covers.  These sets will be in 3 boxes that will be included with the classical records.  So keep an eye out for them!


Three great donations over the weekend..added about 150 new albums in fantastic condition.  Just a few names; Tom Petty, Thriller, Beach Boys, U2, Bachman Turner, Pink Floyd, Kansas, Traffic, Santana (Abraxas), Steppenwolf Gold, Jefferson Airplane, Chicago, Mary Hopkins, The Hollies, Blood Sweat and Tears and many more.

And we received several new additions to the Movie Sound Track collection.  Some of the best albums come from movie sound tracks; Top Gun, Footloose, Saturday Night Fever, Grease, Dirty Dancing, The Big Chill, and The Karate Kid (Part II)...just to name a few...and we have them all.  We also have some great sound tracks that you may not think of; Live and Let Die (McCartney), The Good the Bad and the Ugly, A Clockwork Orange, 2001 A Space Odyssey, The Sting (Scott Joplin's music), Rocky, Flash Dance, and the album that helped rocket Simon and Garfunkel to fame (The Graduate).  You should own The Graduate for the cover alone!  And if you ever wanted to hear Clint Eastwood and Lee Marvin sing together, Paint Your Wagon is a must add to your collection.  Remember Chitty Chitty Bang Bang....produced by Albert Brocolli and written by Ian Fleming of James Bond fame.  And the classics; Dr. Zhivago, Cleopatra, South Pacific...along with Pal Joey (Sinatra), Promises Promises (Jerry Orbach of Law and Order fame), and Natalie Wood, Rosalind Russell and Karl Malden singing the original Gypsy. We have lots of Sound Tracks in great condition so make sure that you don't forget to look for them.  Most will be in two boxes labeled Movie Sound Tracks.


Word is spreading and we are receiving "Early Bird" (7-9 AM) $10 donation checks so it is time to provide additional information about our bargain prices.

In determining pricing, we used several on-line sites as well as selecting two high volume on-line sellers who have high customer satisfaction ratings.  We then reduced the prices an average of 15% to 20%. We will also be offering volume discounts.  For individuals purchasing over $200, we will apply a 10% discount off the entire order.  For purchases over $400, the discount will be 20% off the entire order.  AND....there are no shipping charges! This pricing structure will provide value to those collectors who are high volume customers while still providing a nice return for the school.  We will also be accepting credit cards for purchases over $100.  Otherwise, sales will be cash or checks (payable to SJES) only. ALL SALES ARE FINAL.

The layout of the Knights Hall will allow the use of 10 large round tables and several long tables.  Each of the round tables will have 7 to 8 boxes of records with 40 to 50 records per box and the long tables will be used for the larger box sets and the bargain records.  All "Early Birds" will be given a free tote bag for your vinyl.

Don't miss out.....mark your calendars....get your "Early Bird" donations in the mail.  

Early Bird $10 donation checks should be made payable to St. John the Evangelist School HASA (Home and School Assoc) and mailed to Jim Zeller, 4028 Holly Knoll Drive, Glen Arm, Md. 21057.  Checks must be received by November 1, 2018.


Thought we were done with the donations but received an interesting call from a friend who was flipping a house and  found some old vinyl....Surrealistic Pillow (Jefferson Airplane), several Quicksilver albums, two Mothers of Invention, Ten Years After, Beacon Street Union, three Chris Smither Blues albums, Eric Justin Kaz, Happy and Artie Traum, Lightnin Hopkins, Jethro Tull, Savoy Brown....and Ledbelly's final sessions...just to name a few...and they were all in great shape!  In all, we added about 50 rock albums and an additional 25 classical.


Busy weekend collecting three new donations, visiting the Arbutus Record Show, and dropping off marketing materials.  The three donations yielded our first Frank Zappa album (Verve Records),  several " Yes" collections, our first Ozzie Osborne Black Sabbath albums, and many more great rock albums.  We also received two working turntables.... a Sony PS 454 and a Fisher MT-6310.  These have all been checked out and adjusted thanks to the generosity of

This week also started the beginning of the processing of the large classical collection..... and wow!, were there some pleasant surprises.  The biggest was a Capitol Records "Milstein" Bach paritas and sonatas box set that lists for $450-$525 on Discogs.  The two box sets for sale on Discogs were in very good plus condition and this box set cover is near-mint and the records look brand new.  We will be selling this box collection for $250 so if you know any classical buffs please tell them about this unique opportunity.

We also have a Deutsche Grammophon collection from Germany. A Bach box set, Six Sonatas and Paritas for Solo Violin.  This set sells for over $300 and we will be selling for $150.  Staying with the German theme.... we have a Decca Box Set of Wagner's "Der Ring Des Nibelungen" that was made in Germany using Direct Metal Mastering.  This set will sell for $100.

Next was a large collection published by the Standard Treasury of the World's Great Music.  The collection includes 16 records with illustrated commentary on the composers and their works.  The records are in near mint condition as are the commentary pages.  The cover is in excellent condition with a slightly detached front cover being the only flaw.  This collection was not available on Discogs and I found only three on ebay ranging from $25 to $500 to $999 with some having missing records or records in just very good condition.  I will continue to research this album and anyone wishing to purchase to do so too.  Another unique opportunity that will be priced to sell.

And finally I have to thank all of the classical collectors who took such good care of their records and didn't allow their children to touch them.  The condition of the classical donations was virtually near mint across the board with many of the records looking brand new.  And we have lots of them to sell.

So tell your classical friends that this may be a once in a lifetime opportunity to own some unique classical vinyl!


Received several new collections with a variety of rock and jazz. The nearly 300 new albums that have been added to the sale are in near mint condition and two of the albums are of special mention.....

A "New Jazz" label recording of "Cry!-Tender" (8234) by Yusef Lateef was part of one of the collections and the record is in near mint condition with the cover in Very Good Plus condition.  Played both sides and the sound is perfect!

The other record of note is the first Santo and Johnny album (CALP 1001) that includes Sleepwalk.  The record and cover are as close to mint as you can get and the record plays clean without any background noise.

Lots of Arrowsmith, Kansas, and AC/DC included in thee donations.

The total collection is now approaching 5,000 records and there is great coverage in Rock, Jazz, Country, Classical and a few interesting odds and ends.


Lookin' for blues...we got em'!   In addition to the near mint 1957 Muddy Waters album we have a wide selection of blues from Texas to Chicago and back to the Delta.  Included in the collection is a Robert Johnson album still in shrink and a Chess records album titled Fathers and Sons and includes songs by Muddy Waters, Otis Spann, Michael Butterfield, Donald "Duck" Dunn, Sam Lay, and Buddy Miles.  Both of these records are in near mint condition, as are records from Freddie King, Albert King, Stevie Ray Vaughan, John Hammond, Albert Collins and Otis Rush.  

And a further update on the jazz collection from Laurel Maryland....the collection included a red vinyl Julie London audition record in near mint condition.


On the Road Again!  This time to Catonsville and Laurel...yes word is spreading!  Picked up two donations that were well cared for (didn't even have any finger prints near the edges!).  The donations added an additional 500 records to the sale with 200 to classical, 100 to jazz, 50 to folk and the rest to rock.  Our jazz collection is now approaching 500 records and the recent donations added new artists and provided us with multiple copies in our Brubeck collection.  The Folk collection is growing and we now have an interesting collection from England that is what I would call bawdy folk (got to hear it to believe it).  The most interesting addition was in the area that I would call Latin influence which includes Mexico, the Caribbean, and African roots.  This grouping consists of over 50 albums that cover mostly jazz, but also folk, classical guitar, and percussion.  As you listen to these records you can hear the ethnic influence as well as some unique sounds from a variety of musical instruments. The overall collection now exceeds 3,500 records...and continues to grow.  


Two new donations have produced a treasure trove of excellent vinyl that include additions to our growing jazz collection as well as the generic rock collection.

The jazz collection was expanded with the addition of Miles Davis in Spain, Maynard Ferguson, Gene Krupa and Buddy Rich, Julie Driscoll as well as three fantastic albums from the late 60's by Gabor Szabo.  We also received nearly 20 modern jazz albums from the Windham Hill Label.  Our jazz collection has grown beyond 300 albums and spans 50 years.

The rock collection continued to grow with the additions of Bob Dylan's original mono edition of "The Times They Are A-Changin", and a first edition of the Jimi Hendrix Experience (RS-6261).  And the basic rock collection continues to deepen with multiple  near mint copies of Kansas, Journey, The Police, Genesis and many others.

And we are starting to build a collection in Bluegrass with the likes of The Seldom Scene, Country Gazette, Peter Rowan, The Country Gentlemen, J.D. Crowe & The New South, and The Bluegrass Cardinals.  All of the Bluegrass is in Near Mint condition looking like they have never been played.



A recent donation of nearly 200 jazz albums produced several gems including the Miles Davis, Cool Jazz, record and a wonderful collection of early Dave Brubeck albums.  The Brubeck collection includes 21 albums that span the years 1950 to 1977 and includes the first Platinum jazz album, "Time Out".  The collection also has some great jazz albums from members of his original group: Gerry Mulligan, Paul Desmond, and Cal Tjader.  The grades on the early records from the collections ranges from very good plus to near mint with several of the covers in fantastic shape!  Several of the albums from Brubeck and Tjader were recorded at Fantasy Records on red vinyl.  More to come on the jazz collection later......