Share your Eagle's Summer Adventures!

Your SJE student was given a #SummerEagles card (like the one pictured below) on the last day of school. You can always print one (see sidebar).

We'd love to see our SJE Eagles posting pictures of the fun stuff they're doing and the exciting places they're going (while holding their #SummerEagles card, of course!) 

You can post  directly to our school Facebook page. Under the CALL NOW button (on your phone), you should see tabs that start with HOME, ABOUT, PHOTOS. Further along that tab, you'll see POSTS. Click on POSTS and you can upload your child(ren)'s photos. Be sure to add a caption to let everyone know what's happening. Also, don't forget the hashtag: #SummerEagles

This is a fun way to keep up with all our friends in the school community over summer! Post early and post often!! And never fear, if you don't use Facebook, please email your photos and captions to Mrs. Phelps for posting.

(If you need a #SummerEagles card, print one (see PDF in the sidebar) or swing by school during office hours to grab one or call Mrs. Petrides at the school office and she'll drop one in the mail to you.)