Missing Alumni

We want to make sure everyone who may be interested is kept up-to-date regarding Grand Reunion 2022!

And that means tracking down about 1,320 grads from the classes of 1948 to 2014!

We sure could use your help! As much or as little as you can give!

TASK #1: The school's digitized records from 2002 forward are pretty good but we are ISO class lists from all prior years. Would you have an old class list? Or a class photo that would help you create a class list? 

TASK #2: The school has a file cabinet full of paper student records -- filed alphabetically, not by graduation year, and all with addresses of parents, not students, most of which are probably former addresses! and they're not digitized! Yikes!

We are ISO contact information (full name (plus maiden name for women), address, phone and email) for your class. Do you have sleuthing skills? Looking for a constructive hobby to keep you busy during the pandemic? A great place to start is to complete your contact info here and send the school office that same info on your brothers, sisters, cousins and friends who attended SJE.

Be sure to stay up-to-date here.