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Market Day and Scrip Gift Card Programs

Market Day has been a fundraising partner for schools for over 30 years and has recently brought its products online. No more food deliveries to school and children hauling pot pies in the carpool line!

Market Day has been a fundraising partner for schools for over 30 years. It has recently brought its products online. All orders are placed online and delivered to your doorstep via Fed Ex or UPS. Your order is shipped in an eco-friendly cooler with dry ice and orders are packed to stay frozen for up to 8 hours after delivery to your home. Free shipping is included in the price!

Market Day is an amazing way to raise money for our school AND have wholesome and delicious food delivered directly to your home or office.

Once you've registered on the Market Day site and selected SJE as your school of choice, Market Day will donate 10% of every purchase to SJE!

You can help SJE by purchasing gift cards. Check school's Facebook page for upcoming announcements of sale and delivery dates.

You'll pay the regular face value, but SJE will earn an immediate rebate percentage that’s typically between 3% and 15% depending on the retailer. (See retailer/vendor list in sidebar.)

Send the check to cover your order to school (or order online and set up a checking account debit) and your gift cards will be sent to SJE. Just designate a student, faculty or staff member to bring you your order.

  1. CLICK HERE to set-up a Scrip account.
  2. CLICK Join a Program
  3. Use SJE Enrollment Code: CEL1B5BL27942 and click Register
  4. Compete your account registration.  

Questions? Call HASA Vice President, Keri DiCocco at 443-850-6491 or email.

  • Own a business that gives incentives or birthday gifts to employees? Consider purchasing gift cards for them through SJE's Shop With Scrip site.
  • Have a big home improvement project coming upEvery gift card purchase you make helps support our school!
  • Do a lot of food shopping for the holidays? Consider purchasing gift cards from the stores you frequent. No cost to you but a HUGE benefit to SJE!

Below is a partial list of participating stores: (See full retail/vendor list on sidebar.)

SafewayGiant FoodKohl'sBoscov's
Lands EndTalbotsUnder ArmourAMC Theatres
Regal TheatresPanera BreadStarbucksDunkin Donuts
WalmartAmazoniTunesHome Depot


These cards do not expire and can be used in other states! Even St. John School alumni, family, and friends can participate! 

Your support helps keep St. John School strong! Please encourage others to utilize this simple way to support our school!